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Kaspersky: Hacker control of industrial control system, with the actual way to steal petrol and coal-burning crime
Is it possible for a cyberattack to steal an entity's mineral resources? Kaspersky (Kaspersky) has uncovered the use of industrial control system weaknesses of the attack, allowing criminal organizations to control the system, with entities committing the crime, stealing gasoline and coal resale profits.
Kaspersky's chief executive, Eugene Kaspersky, warned that attacks on industrial control systems and SCADA monitoring systems are increasing, and that these closed systems, which have been connected to the Internet in recent years to increase remote monitoring capabilities, Old and lack of capital and security of the software design, become the target of hackers.
Kaspersky explain how hackers use intrusion control system, and then steal other tangible assets: criminal group control gasoline company monitoring system temperature control device, the use of oil heat up and down the principle of reducing oil temperature, To put more gasoline in the tanker, when the oil transported to the gas station, will be left 2% to 3% of the gasoline, steal gasoline without knowing the circumstances.
The same approach is also used in coal transport, hacking to change the shipping location of the weighing information, steal the actual delivery and customers to obtain the gap between the mine to obtain benefits.
Kaspersky said that the ancient criminal pattern of stealing oil in combination with hacking technology becomes more intelligent, and rigid organizational design of government departments, but also make this kind of criminal cases whether the traditional criminal or specialized cybercrime Department of investigation a problem.
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