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Masterbatch (English name Masterbatches) full name plastic masterbatch, masterbatch alias is developed in the 1980s to stand up a plastic processing aid, it is an excess of chemical agents, dispersing agents and carrier resin composed of . Masterbatch is the aggregate of the extraordinary amount of pigment (dye) contained uniformly attached to the resin obtained. Masterbatch refers to a plastic molding process in order to facilitate the operation of the various additives, fillers and a small amount of carrier resin required to be mixed and kneaded through an extruder and other measurement equipment, mixing, melting, extruding out, pelletizing and other processes to obtain pellets, called masterbatch. The masterbatch carrier resin, various fillers and various additives composed. Masterbatch additive or filler content limits than the actual requirement of plastic products in several times to ten times higher. In the molding process, it must be based on the amount of masterbatch and actual content of the component related articles need to be added, regulating the ratio of masterbatch and the matrix resin. Masterbatch can usually be divided ordinary filling masterbatch (abbreviated filled masterbatch) and functional masterbatch, such as masterbatch, anti-droplet masterbatch.

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