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Kneader reactor
Kneading machine (Kneader reactor) is a hybrid mixer, typically used for plastics processing. Kneader role is to carry out preliminary mixing the various components, by mechanical agitation and external heating, so that all components are homogeneously mixed.
In general, there are two Σ kneader or Z-blade; two different gears, connected drives two blades, the speed of an axis of one blade is about 1.5 times; typically has a W-shaped tube, an outer tube there is a heating jacket insulation; it also provides a powerful motor and gearbox to drive the two blades; moreover with a hydraulic tilt rotation W-type cylinder and a hydraulic opening cover system; you can also design a vacuum system to remove material gas and the 2PT-100 sensors are designed to test the insulation jacket oil and material temperature.
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